What we do

Marketing Mastery organises online courses, webinars and business coaching all over Europe, for companies operating in the health care sector, from the delivery of services to the production and distribution of electro medical equipment.


Our services are based on long-distance training and consultation progressive modules.

After an initial consultation, a tailor-made programme shall be developed for your company.

All technical tools and commercial strategies shall be supplied in order to create a lead generation system.


3 platforms are used for online lead generation marketing activities.

    (with the possibility to create landing pages with optin modules to capture prospect contacts)
    (professional mail marketing portal for newsletters and nurturing funnel management)
    (for the management of paid campaigns directed at specific audiences)

These systems must be used in a strategic and synchronised manner in order to obtain new contacts of potential clients in a recurring manner, and to bolster the loyalty of customers already active in our database.


Example of a 4-step lead generation system for an Tecar therapy electro-medical product.

1 - Through a Facebook campaign it is possible to create a sponsored ad of your company page.
The fb inside tool is used to create a specific public potentially interested in a training course for your Tecar therapy equipment. By clicking on sponsored links, potential customers shall be redirected to the landing page inserted on your company website.

2- Upon reaching the landing page on your site, potential clients shall be able to obtain all information required in order to participate in the free course. If they wish to enrol, they shall be required to complete a special data acquisition form. The optin module (technical term for a contact capture form) shall be directly based on the Getresponse mail marketing system.

3- From this point onwards, marketing activities shall be automatically managed by the automatic responder which shall send a sequence of high quality content emails (nurturing funnel). During the automatic sending of emails, specific commercial proposals shall also be inserted for all those enrolled in the Tecar therapy course.

4- During the last phase, the system shall continue to execute specific telephone marketing and relation activities, during training events. At the same time, tracking pixels inserted in your company website shall enable re-marketing campaigns for all prospects which have not yet left their data in the form on the landing page.

Operative Info

During the online consultation and business coaching program, we shall provide your marketing office with all the information, techniques and technical tools as well as strategies necessary to obtain a system for the automatic generation of new customers.

This type of marketing requires an initial commitment from your company, for the creation of the marketing mix system, after which campaigns will only have to be monitored, to check the R.O.I. of every single commercial activity.

This system has already been successfully used by numerous companies in various commercial sectors, determining increases of company turnover from 20 to 100% on an annual basis.

The training program shall be completed in 12/24 months and all technical assistance and job training activities shall be supervised by our experts through Skype or Hangouts consultation, as well as remote access on aforementioned platforms.

All data and information shall be included in the confidentiality and non-competition agreement which shall be undersigned upon your acceptance of the commercial proposal.


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